“This is a picture of everything a huacaya should be” said Polly Michaelis at the 2012 SWRAS as she awarded Wendy the Color Champion banner.  Wendy demonstrates and uncommonly pronounced crimp style and lock structure.  Wendy's true black color is consistent  throughout her fleece.  She stands tall with great conformation and sports that full strong head style that she gets form her sire Paladin.  She is now a proven female.  Her first boy is amazing and demonstrates a rare and much coveted trait, soft rolling skin!!!

Fiber Statistics:

        6 months: AFD   19.8, SD 5.4, CV 27.3, CF 95.5, Curve 23.5 Dg/mm, Staple Length 80

        18 Months: AFD 21.57, SD 4..7,  CV 21.8, CF 94.75, Curve 34.1 Dg/mm, Staple Length:  85.0


  1. Bullet Color Champ SWRAS 2012 Black yearling

  2. Bullet   First Place SWRAS 2012 True Black yearling

  3. Bullet   First Place SWRAS 2013   True Black Adult

  4. Bullet   First Place California Classic True Black Adult

Wendy is currently bred to Manchu for a late spring cria in 2014.  We can’t wait!   Manchu’s ARI: 1201253

Here is a recent picture of Wendy.  She is 2 years old, beautiful and ready to breed.

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Wendy loves to stand tall and show off her great conformation.

Wendy was a little shadow of an alpaca running around when she was a few days old.

Wendy’s Cria

Here he is!!! The Catalyst!!!  He was born on Tax Day so we call him Tax Man.  (We will get some serious pics soon)

These two pics are interesting.  We tipped the Catalyst on shearing day and discovered Soft Rollin Skin!!!  There seem to be very few pictures of it online. This means that this animal is going to have a very high follicular density; a rare and desirable trait.