Princepessa Vanessa


Standing tall and looking good...'Ought to be in Hollywood' just about sums up this complete package.  Pure Peruvian does not even come close to describing the quality of this one.  She still looks great s a mature female and has retained her beauty.  Vanessa is doing us proud! She has given us 3 amazing offspring.  She and Paladin produced Paladin’s Legion seen here on the bottom left.  He is a snowy bright white with sophisticated crimp that is uniform from head to tail.  And the head style can’t be beat.  We sent her out to breed with XXXtreme.  She gave us Fortunato, another wonderful boy with style.  In the spring of 2013 She gave us Rocket J. Squirrel.  This would be the female to add show stopping genes to your herd.

Here is a recent picture of Vanessa. she is 4 1/2 years old and still lookin’ good.

Vanessa was a pretty baby too. Here she is at about 3 months.

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Vanessa’s second son, Paladin’s Legion, takes our breath away at times. He is so above the rest. Here he is at 11 months old.

Here is Estremo Fortunato. Go to his page to check out his stats!!  His fleece is still amazing at 4 years old!!!

The following pictures are of Vanessa’s offspring.  We are so proud.

Meet Vanessa’s 2013 cria Rocket J. Squirrel on the left.  He is 3 weeks old in this picture and shaping up to be a really nice little boy.

Here is Rocky again on the right at 6 months old posing for the camera while eating pepper tree leaves.