Paladin of Stone Mist

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Paladin of Stone Mist stands proudly in Southern California and is stud exclusively at La Dolce Vita Alpacas.  Paladin has many off-spring on the ground and they are everything a breeder could wish for in an alpaca. 

As Al Cousill of Pucara international said, "there aren’t too many out there better than him".   This boy exhibits the perfect alpaca phenotype and, most importantly, impresses it upon his progeny.  He is also very unique in that he allows the dam's color through.  He has sired crias in colors ranging from white, beige, light fawn, medium fawn, dark fawn, browns, true black.... and even  rose-grey.  Each was born with his beautiful head and fleece coverage. Take a good look at his progeny shown here.  Paladin's superior style is impressive and all of these have his fleece density, lock structure,  beautiful bone and head style.

With unsurpassed genetics from Caligula, El Moustachio, Rural Alianza and Tocto, Pally possesses flawless conformation and a perfect bite.  His fiber is extremely dense, yet very fine and lustrous with a truly elite crimp style and fantastic coverage.   You can see, he is the complete package! 

Breeding fee: $500 (for a limited time only)

Paladin’s Show record includes:

  1. Bullet 1st Place Halter: 2007 AlpacaPalooza

  2. Bullet Reserve Color Champion: 2007 AlpacaPalooza

  3. Bullet 2nd Place Halter: 2005 AOBA National Conference

  4. Bullet 3rd Place Halter: 2007 International Alpaca Odyssey

Fabio From our girl Caressa. Color Champion at SWRAS 2011.

Wendy is out of our Josephina. Color Champion at SWRAS 2012.

Salvatore is our wonderful rose-gray boy.  Another great example of the colors Pally can make.

La Befana out of our girl Gwenevere, is showing superior micron count for a girl her age, less than 20 AFD. She is dense as well and sports Pally’s great conformation.  Amazing is the only word that comes to mind.

Graziella is yet another great example of the head style, conformation and superior fleece that Paladin stamps on his offspring. She is out of our girl Grazie Doppia

Isabella earned a Reserve color champion at SWRAS in 2012. She is from one of our past alpacas Calico Girl.

Paladin’s Crusade was born in the winter 2011. Another great alpaca out of our girl Josephina. A carbon copy of dad....except dark!

Venedi is out of our girl Antoinette. She has great conformation and about the cutest face and head on the farm.

Doodle Art won a first place ribbon and the adoration of Jude Anderson at SWRAS in 2012. He is out of our girl Grazie Doppia.

Here are some of Paladin’s amazing offspring

Take a look at Paladin’s fiber statistics in descending order from the most recent:

2012: Age=8-years, AFD=24.5 u, SD=4.0 u, CV=16.5%

2010: Age=6-years, AFD=24.1 u, SD=3.8 u, CV=15.8%

2007: Age=3-years, AFD=19.6 u, SD=3.7 u, CV=18.9%, CF=99%, Curvature=41.5

Surprise!!! Here is a sound bite of Paladin’s orgle.  Orgling is a sound that male alpacas make during breeding to help the female to ovulate.  This soundbite is for fun but is also a useful tool for breeders if they do not have a copy of a good strong orgle.  If you are trying to train an inexperienced male to breed, sometimes it helps to use the orgle of a more experiences male to help get him started.  Here it is...PallyOrgle2.amr

Daisy is our first cria out of Macedonia, an XXXtreme daughter.  What you see here is  XXXtreme and Paladin coming together.  2 great herdsires.  That being said, Macedonia has a superior micron count so she does have something to do with this exciting little girl.

Our little Widget is an example of Gwen and her Peruvian genetics getting together again with Pally.  Always a show stopper.

Yoyo shows all the conformational strengths of her sire.  We think she is just plain cute.