La Befana


Paladin and one of our original girls got together and created this amazing alpaca.  Born around Christmas time last year, we named her La Befana after a good witch from Italian lore.  This alpaca is bewitching with her superior qualities.  With extreme fineness and a sophisticated lock structure she is an amazing package all by herself.  She expresses the great bone, head style and conformation of her sire Paladin.  She is a maiden and will be ready to breed in the spring.

Fiber Stats

2014:  29 months: AFD-19.16,  SD-4.17,  CV-21.75,  CF-98.74,  Fiber Length-100.0 mm.

Not only is she beautiful, “Beffie” seems to love the camera. Here is a picture of her in the fall 2012 at almost a year old.

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Here is a great picture of Beffie’s beautiful head and great bone structure.