Energy and strength and a fleece with an incredible handle are just a few of the good qualities this girl possesses. Josephina really stands out in the herd with her beautifully cut white and dark brown pattern.  She has a very fine fleece (17 microns) with an excellent handle.  Josephina took home a blue ribbon at the 2007 Southwest Regional Show in Phoenix and was runner-up at AOBA Nationals in 2008.  She really surprised us by delivering a stunning black little girl sired by Paladin, Paladin’s Wendy.  Wendy took color champion at the SWRAS and has won firsts at every show she has attended.  Josephina gave birth to another amazing solid boy, Paladin’s Crusade in December 2011.  He is displaying the same incredible qualities as his sister Wendy. Crusade has taken a first as SWRAS 2013 and a second at the California Classic 2013.  We are so excited for anyone who would have her wonderful genetics in their herd.  Josephine gave us a beautiful brown female cria the spring of 2015.

Josephine taking the blue at SWRAS in 2007

Here she is at about 1 month old. 

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On the left and above is Wendy, our outstanding color champ. We are so proud.

 Here is Paladin’s Crusade at 10 months old. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!Towlie.htmlTowlie.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Here are a few of Josephine’s offspring

Theresa in December of 2013 at 7 months old halter training and playing Queen of the Gravel Pile.  Isn’t she lovely?!!!

Josephine’s 2015 cria Lucy. This pic was taken in December 2015 at 6 months.