Superior lock structure and soft handle are the qualities that this marvelous boy inherited from his sire XXXtreme.  Fortunato’s  has that high frequency crimp style and tight locks that a breeders strive for.  His pleasing caramel coloration and extraordinary fleece quality are enhanced by his lovely, strong conformation.  His genetics are an asset to any herd.


  1. Bullet  Third Place SWRAS 2012-Fawn Yearling Class

Fiber Statistics:

    6 months: AFD 19.62, SD 4.61, CV 23.52, CF 97.66, Staple Length 85 mm

    30 Months: AFD 22.63, SD 4.31, CV 19.04, CF 95.45, Staple Length 100.0 mm

   2014: 42 Months: AFD 23.69,  SD 4.78,  CV 20.17,  CF 90.91,  Staple Length 85.0 mm

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Fortunato certainly does look pretty serious with his broad boned face and strong frame.

Fortunato’s nickname is Winky-doo.  We don’t know why.  We just call him that.  He looks great!  Rock On Winky-doo!