Paladin’s Fabio


Fabio is one of several color Champions sired by our man Paladin.  The first thing everyone notices about him is his stunning presence with that head and bone structure that just doesn’t quit.  With a closer look you see the lock structure, feel the finest and notice the uniformity throughout his blanket.  He has the perfect bite and conformation of his sire.

Fabio’s Stats:

            14 months: AFD 20.4, SD 3.5, CV 17.1, CF 98.6, Curve 42.7 Dg/mm, Staple 120 mm


  1. Bullet Color Champ-SWRAS 2011 in Fawn juvenile class.

  2. Bullet  First Place-SWRAS 2011 in Dark Fawn juvenile class.

  3. Bullet  Second Place-SWRAS 2012 in Dark Fawn yearling class.

  4. Bullet  First Place-SWRAS 2013 in Dark Fawn mature class

  5. Bullet  Second Place-California Classic 2013 in Dark Fawn mature class.

One of the great things about Fabio is that he seems to like the camera.  He poses like that other Fabio but without throwing his hair back. Here he is after his win at SWRAS in 2011.

Fabio poses again.  You can clearly see here his uniformity of color.

A cute shot a few weeks after his first shearing.

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Fabio at a local fundraiser.  Posing for another shot.  He helped raise a lot of money that day.

Fabio takes it again at SWRAS in 2013.

Here is a close up of Fabio’s 2012 fleece.  Oh my!  The lock structure!

The Story of Fabio’s First Breeding

A local alpaca farm thinks that Fabio is wonderful and want some of his genetics in their herd.  We picked up 2 of their females for shearing day and kept them for a while to be bred to Fabio.  After the girls were shorn and settled into the farm routine, we put them together with Fabio.  Fabio stood there like a dorky adolescent boy, looking at the girls first but then just watching us.  We left them together for a while....nothing; just standing there looking totally confused.

Joe and Susan remembered what their mentors taught them.  Sometimes alpacas need “paca porn”.  So we put Fabio and one of the females in one stall.  Fabio continued his interpretation of Revenge of the Nerds, then, in the next stall we put his dad Paladin.  We brought in a female to breed to Pally and being the experienced macho stud; went to work like the professional that he is. 

Boy, do we ever wish we had had a video camera on for all of you to see.  Paladin started in with his expert orgle and knock down technique.  Fabio watched intently from all angles.  Once Pally got the female in the cush position;  Fabio looked from side to side, dipped his head to try and see all the details still maintaining the dork face.  Then he looked back at the female for about 5 seconds and looked again at Pally and then....the lightbulb.....however small and dim went on.  We cheered as Fabio began to chase the female and clumsily knocked her down.  He caught on pretty quick to the rest of it and settled the females in about 2-3 breedings a piece in the following weeks after his lesson.  

We created a monster as he orgles at anything that wears a skirt and is always ready to breed.