Grazie Doppia


This girl is absolutely stunning!   We chose her name which means “double thanks” because she was born on Thanksgiving Day and is almost a carbon copy of her half-sister, Josephina.   In addition to her  white and dark chocolate colors, Dopia has plenty of rose-gray in her patterning as well.   Her great conformation and pattern really make her stand out in the herd.   Her first cria, Graziella, is a carbon copy but denser and finer verion of her with a perfect head-style.   Her second cria, Doodle Art, won a first place ribbon and many compliments from Jude Anderson who thinks Doodle is “an absolutely gorgeous boy”.   With youth, beauty and experience, Grazie would be a great female in any herd.

Grazie as a maiden adult

Same day as the first. You can see all of Grazie’s cute markings.

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An adorable picture of little Grazie.

Here are Grazie’s offspring

Graziella is a great example of what Grazie is capable of producing.  There is no significant varience in her dark and light fleece. It’s all really great!

Here’s Doodle Art.  Check out the great head style from his sire Paladin. 

Everybody say Hi Boris!  He is Grazie’s spring 2013 cria.  His sire is Giovani.  He is dense, soft and has wonderful consistancy of both color and style of fleece.