Giovani Jubilante (Biff)


"Hubba, Hubba" a judge blurted out in excitement when she saw our Giovani.  Who can resist that ideal head style, incredibly long staple length and superb fleece coverage.  Nicknamed "Biff," he is Full Peruvian and sports a manly conformation.  At 4 years old his fleece is maintaining its soft handle, uniformity and lock structure.  We usually get about 6 pounds of fleece from his blanket at shearing time. 

Giovani has his first offspring on the ground and has demonstrated that he imparts all of his great qualities on to his offspring.

Fiber Statistics at 3 years of age:

        AFD:  19.83        SD:  3.98        CF:  98.87        Staple Length:  125.0


His Grandsire, Royal Fawn, would be proud.

Giovani at about 2 years old. We still have to work pretty hard to keep fleece trimmed around his eyes. It grows really fast.

Here is a great closeup of Biff’s gorgeous head at less than a year old.  Look at all of the bone.

Biff at a few months old. Cuddly and cute.  You can see the great locks on him this early.

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Tah Dahhhh!!! Here is Giovani’s first Cria.  We are calling him Boris for now.  Isn’t he a beaut!